Competence center - Food.PreTECT

These days, our food has to meet a whole number of requirements. In addition to taste and appearance, food safety and shelf life play an increasingly important role. VAN HEES has recognized the importance of these issues and established competence center Food.PreTECT. It provides an in-house group of experts who generate customized solutions for food producer. Intelligent and targeted measures are being developed, which focus on protection of food against early microbial spoilage and pathogen microorganisms. 

Detect & Protect

By using specific analyses like genomics (gene sequencing) to identify spoilage- and risk-related germs the food stability and safety will be optimized. To identify a problem and target oriented solutions are focused to protect food against early spoilage.

Safety and Freshness

Evaluation is a method for the valuation of food safety and -stability during the development of a new product. For that reason, Food.PreTECT designed an analysis based on intelligent hurdle concept e.g. predictive mathematical modelling.

Listeria – Protect your food until consumption!

Harmful bacteria multiply in a wide range of temperatures and pH values and can even grow very well at low water activity levels (aw-value). Furthermore, bacteria can multiply in loose goods, as well as those packaged in a protective atmosphere, and even vacuum-packed goods. That is why at MARKLAND Ingredients, we offer highly effective and specially tailored BOMBAL® preservatives to inhibit bacteria growth (especially of Listeria monocytogenes), ensuring the freshness and safety of your products until they are consumed, even after production.