Top grinding quality from one of the most modern milling facilities in Europe

After the careful and price-conscious purchase of raw spices from all over the world, they are processed in one of the most modern milling facilities in Europe. Our parent company VAN HEES has invested in a state-of-the-art milling facility in Wuppertal to produce the best grinding qualities. 


This latest-generation facility achieves optimum results in terms of spice intensity, fineness, and yield. The new gentle grinding technique focuses on preserving the quality of the spices during processing. Doing so allows us to reach manufacturers who place very high or special demands on the quality of raw spices. 

No food market segment is growing as fast as “halal” and “kosher.” At the Wuppertal plant, where only halal and kosher raw materials are stored and processed into final products, ideal production conditions ensure high halal and kosher criteria are met.