Welcome to MARKLAND Ingredients

As a company in the general food industry, are you looking for a specialist for specific individual seasonings and compounds?

If your core business is delicatessen, dairy or convenience products, snacks, or frozen food – then our portfolio of dry and liquid seasonings, spices, herbs, and innovative components is the ideal basis to optimize the taste, appearance, shelf life, flavour, and consistency of your products.

Vegan milk alternatives

At MARKLAND Ingredients, we have worked on vegan milk alternatives in addition to the vegan meat and sausage alternatives that are already well-established in the market. Especially with vegan alternatives, such as yogurt, crème fraîche, and whipped cream. The advantages are obvious, such as allergen-free, lactose-free, vegan, and increased protein content compared to the conventional alternative.

VECAN plant based food

A new product line for plant-based meat alternatives - They look like meat, taste like meat but they are not in fact meat but products that are made based purely on plants. They have posted significant growth rates in the retail trade for years. Our innovative vegan product line VECAN combines well-established expertise in production with technological guidance. In addition, with every VECAN product you receive everything you need supplied from a single source.