Dry – Excellent seasonings

At MARKLAND Ingredients, high-quality raw spices and herbs, as well as characteristic mixtures, are balanced so carefully that they achieve and maintain the desired taste in the final product. The fine raw materials, the gentle mixture, as well as the right packaging and storage, contribute to the high level of quality and safety of our products.

Dry – Innovative technology

A product can only taste good if the right processing technology is used. That is why MARKLAND Ingredients offers the right concepts from the very beginning, such as for the stabilization, color, and shelf life of cheese specialties, snacks, and vegan alternative products, for instance.

Liquid – Versatile seasoning preparations

Due to their versatility, seasonings in liquid and paste form are perfect for dairy, delicatessen, and convenience products. Under the brand name Pro Liquid®, MARKLAND Ingredients offers preparations, marinades, and extract blends that achieve the desired results in the final product in terms of taste and character.

Liquid – Impressive technology

At MARKLAND Ingredients, new developments focus from the very beginning on good taste, an attractive appearance, and the stable microbiology of the end products. Special development and manufacturing processes with a positive effect on the color, shelf life, and stabilization ensure our seasonings help you achieve the desired quality standards in your end products.

The vast VAN HEES product range also offers you a variety of products and ideas in the fields of additives, raw spices, spice mixtures, marinades, extracts, as well as clever recipe ideas.