Your success means a lot to us

The core business of MARKLAND Ingredients is to develop and produce customer-specific seasonings for the general food industry. These include liquid seasonings and compounds for modern dairy and convenience products, stabilization and freshness systems for the delicatessen industry, and seasonings for the frozen and snack sectors.

Take advantage of synergies

As a subsidiary of the VAN HEES Group in Walluf, MARKLAND Ingredients benefits from the synergies formed by the traditional family-owned company VAN HEES, which has existed for more than 70 years and operates in 80 countries around the world. We are also guided by proven strategies that have made VAN HEES so successful in the field of processing additives and spices for the meat industry.

Diversity & Know-How

Our MARKLAND Ingredients products use a variety of raw materials that match the quality standards and stringent safety provisions required by the VAN HEES Group. Consequently our customers, including many companies in the brand industry, benefit from our sophisticated solutions and products, as well as from a strong partner who has a perfect understanding of general food technology and its requirements.